Accelerate your business with new A.I. property technology

Sending people onsite to assess a property is costly and time consuming
There are over 155 million buildings in the U.S., and every one of these buildings rotates through a cycle of property sales, refinancings, rentals, remodels, renovations, maintenance, insurance renewals and damage repairs over time. And every time a home needs to be sold, reinsured, refinanced, remodeled or repaired – insurers and banks must send out a contractor or adjuster to assess the structure, collect all the detailed measurements, itemize the materials used within the house, and document the conditions and any risks within each space.
Data is captured manually, and mistakes are inevitable.
The typical onsite property inspector still has a clipboard and jots down the dimensions and notes about the space with pencil and paper. Or they may use a basic app, expensive LIDAR equipment, or special cameras which ony capture one-dimensional data. All this information then needs to be re-keyed into their system when they get back to their office. Transcription errors are very common resulting in flawed or incomplete data.
In-person property assessments delay $ billions of work in the built-environment economy
Insurers are delayed in getting out new insurance quotes, processing renewals, and estimating claims. Learn more >
Contractors can’t scale their businesses without hiring more people to go onsite and write estimates. Learn more >
Home improvement platforms can’t help their customers accelerate projects without accurate floor plans and 3D models. Learn more >
Building maintenance need an up-to-date view of  all the current conditions, risks and problems to prioritize repairs. Learn more >
Hotels need a real-time view of each room and space to prioritize repairs and protect their brand experience. Learn more >
Banks can’t approve new mortgages  or
accelerate refinancings. Learn more >

AI-powered room assessments

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Turn-around times



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Spatial and structural


Hosta’s new A.I. property technology accelerates your business

Get data and outputs at your fingertips

At Hosta we’ve developed new AI property technology that allows professionals in all these industries to assess spaces automatically without ever going on site – and get all of the measurements, data and files you need instantly.

We do this with patented artificial intelligence that gets you all the data you need from just a few photos. You don’t need special cameras or equipment. And you get the 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional measurements, materials information, floor plans, 3D models and even risk assessments provided automatically.

Integrated easily

With Hosta’s A.I. Assessment Platform you can accelerate your business with remote property assessments that automatically give you all the data and outputs you need. And with our Configurable APIs it is easy to embed our automated assessment technology directly into your existing workflow and systems.

Remote assessments that are detailed technically, comprehensive and readily updated are a game changer. Hosta AI will save companies significant expenses, expand analytical data sets, and speed things up for customers.

– William Poutsiaka, Former Chief Investment Officer AIG

Start automating your property assessments


What new AI property technology is available?
Computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are creating powerful new property technology for companies that work in the built environment. Solutions like Hosta AI provide powerful new property technology and solutions for companies that need fast and accurate data about a room or space without special sensors.
Who needs new AI property technology?
Insurers, mortgage lenders, contractors, architects and home
improvement platforms can all benefit from new AI property
technology to automate property assessments and get the accurate data you need about a property to accelerate your business.