Spatial Analysis Software For Buildings

Get instant spatial analysis and data from just a few photos

Whether you need a structural assessment for a home or a business – you can’t usually start your work until you schedule a time to get inside the building with the owner or property manager.

Once you’re inside it’s a very detailed process to measure each space and itemize every object within it. You snap photos, sketch diagrams, and jot down lots of notes. Then head back in your office to type everything up, draw up the floor plans, and itemize everything your client expects in their spatial analysis in the right format. This process is time-consuming and must be repeated if any data is missing or incorrect.

That’s why we built Hosta A.I. – to give contractors, adjustors, assessors, and inspectors an easy way to generate a detailed spatial assessment of any room or space in minutes instead of hours – without ever sending someone onsite. With Hosta, you simply send the property owner a link to upload a few photos of the room and instantly get all the detailed room measurements, materials, floor plans, and CAD models for any room.

Automate spatial analysis with Hosta A.I
Our configurable APIs make it easy to embed Hosta’s spatial analysis software and autogenerated outputs directly into your existing workflows and systems.

Simple and scalable solution

Simple image capture

Hosta AI spatial
and materials analysis

Hosta AI is revolutionizing the built environment assessment and inspection process with cutting-edge spatial and materials analytics.

– Jonathan Fentzke, Former CSO and co-founder OmniEarth

AI-powered room assessments

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Spatial and structural


Hosta A.I. Assessment platform

New spatial analysis software for buildings

Hosta A.I. helps inspectors, adjustors, contractors and building maintenance teams get an instant spatial and materials analysis for any room – without sending someone on site.

Hosta Labs uses patent-pending A.I. spatial and material analysis to automate property assessments with just a few photos.


Easy-to-use APIs for the built environment

We make it easy to get the specific output data you need so your teams can quickly add automated assessment capabilities to your existing applications and workflows.

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What is spatial analysis software?

Spatial analysis software is used by contractors, assessors,
adjustors and inspectors to quickly assess details of a
residential or commercial property and get the detailed
dimensions, itemized content, and floor plan or 3D models of
a room or space.

What can spatial analysis software do?

Not all spatial analysis software is created equal. Some
require you to have special equipment like the most
advanced iPhone or LiDAR equipment. Spatial analysis
software should give you all the data and outputs you need to
generate fast and accurate quotes, estimates or plans for a
room or space.

Who needs spatial analysis software?

Anyone who needs to assess a structure or objects within a
space of an existing residential or commercial property needs
spatial analysis software. This includes contractors, assessors, adjustors, inspectors and anyone else who needs accurate data about the built environment.

What should I look for in spatial analysis software?

Look for spatial analysis software like that don’t
require any special equipment and can give you detailed and accurate data about a room from just a few photos sent to you by a homeowner or client.