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Instantly create a floor plan and 3D model from photos of any room

Whether you’re a home improvement manufacturer or retailer, you need to help your customers confirm that your product is right for their space so they can buy from you with confidence. You want to prevent customers from buying something that doesn’t really fit in their space, leading to an expensive returns process.

To make faster purchase decisions your customers need an easy way to create an accurate representation of their house or room in a floor plan or 3D model. If you’re selling building materials for repairs then they also need an easy way to itemize all of their current materials that you need to match.

That’s why we built Hosta A.I. – to make it easy for companies to automatically assess any space, get a detailed list of bill of materials, a high-fidelity floorplan and 3D CAD  models of any room from just a few photos.  With Hosta, your customers can simply upload a few photos and have floor plans and all the materials used within their space instantly created for them.

Automate floor plan creation with Hosta A.I.
Our configurable APIs make it easy to embed Hosta’s image analysis and autogenerated floor plans, 3D models, and other outputs directly into your customer workflows and apps.

Simple and scalable solution

Hosta’s autogenerated CAD models and floorplans jumpstart our design and estimation work. We’re
thrilled with the technology.”

– David Hoffman, BuildWithBeam, CEO and co-founder

AI-powered room assessments

speed up your business



Turn-around times



Lower estimation costs



Spatial and structural


Hosta A.I. Assessment platform

Best floor plan creator app
Hosta A.I. helps home improvement retailers, service providers and insurers instantly get all the room measurements, contextual relationships, and instant floor plans created for you automatically – without sending someone onsite.

Hosta Labs uses patent-pending A.I. spatial and material analysis to automate property assessments with just a few photos.


Easy-to-use APIs for the built environment

We make it easy to get the specific output data you need so your teams can quickly add automated assessment capabilities to your existing applications and workflows.

Start automating your property assessments


Are there apps that automatically generate floor plans?

There are new floor plan apps that can automatically give you
the detailed measurements and floor plans of any room or
space from just a few photos – without requiring any special

Who needs a floor plan app?

Anyone who needs to create a floor plan for a room or space would benefit from new floor plan apps like Hosta AI that can
instantly create a floor plan from just a few photos. This
includes contractors, architects, adjustors, assessors,
inspectors and estimators that need to get acurate measurements and create floor plans for any building they assess.

What can the best floor plan apps do for me?

The best floor plan apps use computer vision and machine
learning to automatically create a floor plan from just a few photos of a room or space. These floor plan apps can also give you detailed measurements and 3D models.

How can professionals use floor plan apps?

Contractrors, assessors, inspectors, architects and designers
can use new automated floor plan apps to get all the detailed measurements and instantly create a floor plan from just a
few pictures taken on any phone or camera.