Industry’s first image-to-estimate property assessment solution.

Hosta A.I. empowers remote residential
property assessments with just a few photos

Mobile Devices

Hosta A.I. Assessment platform

AI-powered Property Assessment Solution

Hosta A.I. uses patented A.I. spatial and material analytics to automate onsite property assessment with just a few photos.

Built for everyone in the business
of protecting, repairing, and enhancing properties


Inspectors, Appraisers, Adjusters

Repair & Maintain

Contractors, Property Managers, Material Manufacturers


Interior Designers & Architecture Platforms, Furniture Retails

Hosta is taking spatial analysis to the next level. By bringing AI and machine learning to the property assessment process, the Hosta A.I. technology gives insurers valuable real-world information without having to go on site.

Dennis Shelden, Former CTO and Co-Founder Gehry Technologies

AI-powered room assessments speed up your business



Turn-around times



Lower estimation costs



Spatial and structural assessments


Add Hosta A.I. super powers to your existing
property assessment workflow and applications

Automation Edition

For contractors, home improvement platforms and furniture retailers that want to generate accurate quotes or designs without going on site.

Underwriting Edition

For property insurers, contractors and maintenance teams who need to estimate damages without sending someone on site.

Claims Edition

For property insurers, appraisers and inspectors who need to understand risks and replacement values for a property – without sending someone on site.

Custom Pricing

For Innovation Partner that require objective data about their customer’s built environment to inform decisions, purchases or plans.


Easy-to-use APIs
for the built environment

We make it easy to get the specific output data you need so your teams can quickly add automated assessment capabilities to your existing applications and workflows

Start automating your
property assessments