Secure cloud platform for sensitive images and data

Built on AWS cloud platform with robust security best practice in place


We understand that photos of clients’ homes are sensitive and have industry-leading PII security protections in place to protect both the images and data. We have proprietary PII filters that blur any people or identifiable content within images before being stored in our system. And images and locations are the only information we need to provide our services.


Hosta’s A.I. scales easily and can analyze millions of images an hour. Our API-first approach means you can integrate Hosta’s A.I. assessment capabilities into your existing workflows and systems and receive the outputs you need at the speed of your Internet connection.


Our cloud platform is designed for companies that process thousands and millions of property assessments each year. We know that these assessments are mission critical for your business and we have industry-leading business continuity and fail-over systems and processes in place to ensure your assessments continue to move.

Fast and easy

We built Hosta to empower people with fast, accurate and trusted information about their built surroundings.

Built for scale

Our API-based solution is built for companies that need quick turnarounds on millions of residential and commercial interior assessments each year.

No apps or sensors

Our powerful AI can analyze any digital image of a room – taken from any digital camera. There’s no need for your customers to download any apps or use any special equipment.

Easy to get started

Our Developer Center has all the information IT teams and developers need to get started and our developer support team is standing by to help.


Easy-to-use APIs for the built environment

We make it easy to get the specific output data you need so your teams can quickly add automated assessment capabilities to your existing applications and workflows.

Hosta’s configurable APIs make it possible for companies to automate remote property assessments at scale.


Start automating your property assessments