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Before insurance companies can underwrite a new policy or approve a claim above a certain threshold, they may need to send someone onsite to assess the property. These onsite assessments inform decisions on billions of dollars in new insurance policies and damage claims each year, so it’s important they are accurate and happen as quickly as possible.
But onsite property assessments are time consuming, error prone, and often cause headaches for everyone involved. Companies may not provide an insurance quote until they have an inspection to understand the replacement values and risks of each property. And when insurers receive an initial notification of damage or loss, they typically send an adjuster on site to assess the damage – which costs insurance companies billions of dollars each year. This includes the direct costs of sending an adjuster onsite plus the customer churn associated with a bad claims experience when clients have long waits and frustrating experiences with contractors.
That’s why we built Hosta A.I. – to quickly and accurately assess any building or room without having to send someone onsite. Hosta empowers the insurance industry with artificial intelligence and spatial analytics technology built specifically for residential and commercial property assessments. With Hosta, insurers can instantly get all the measurements, materials, and floorplans you need to quickly approve claims or price a new insurance policy – from just a few photos uploaded by the customers with no custom app download required.

Automate property assessments with Hosta A.I.

Our configurable APIs make it easy to embed Hosta’s room image analysis and autogenerated outputs directly into your existing underwriting and claims processing workflows and systems.

Simple and scalable solution

Hosta gives property insurance underwriting and claims teams a strategic advantage with a powerful A.I. solution that is easy to embed into existing platforms and workstreams.”

– Mark Berthiaume, Former Chief Information and Innovation Officer, The Hanover Insurance Group

AI-powered room assessments

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Turn-around times



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Spatial and structural


Hosta A.I. Assessment platform

New technology for the insurance industry

Hosta A.I. helps residential and commercial property insurance companies, contractors and building maintenance teams get the detailed information you need for accurate estimates without sending someone on site.

Hosta Labs uses patent-pending A.I. spatial and material analysis to automate property assessments with just a few photos.


Easy-to-use APIs for the built environment

We make it easy to get the specific output data you need so your teams can quickly add automated assessment capabilities to your existing applications and workflows.

Start automating your property assessments


What new technology is available for the insurance industry?

Artificial intelligence, like Computer vision or Machine
learning, is creating powerful new technology for the
insurance industry. Solutions like Hosta AI can generate
everything insurance companies need to process a claim or
underwrite a policy from just a few photos. 

Who needs new insurance technology software?

Claims processing and underwriting teams at insurance
companies need to look at new insurance technology solutions
that use computer vision and machine learning to generate all
the data and files you need from just a few photos to optimize
costs, improve the user experience, and get better data in a
low-margin environment