The easiest way to do remote property assessments

How it works

Get all the information you need to complete a property assessment from just a few photos


Send client a link

Email your client a link with instructions for how to take a few simple photos of the rooms you want to assess.

Upload 2 photos of each room

Your client can use the link you sent them to upload their photos directly to

No special equipment needed

Your client can use the link you sent them to upload their photos directly to


Hosta analyzes photos

Hosta uses patent-pending artificial intelligence to analyze the photos of each room and automatically create your property assessment.

Solution scales with APIs

Configurable APIs make it easy to add automated property assessments to your existing workflow and systems.


Review bill of materials

Hosta goes well beyond basic measurements. Hosta AI also automatically identifies, counts, and classifies all objects and materials used within a space to give you a detailed bill of materials.

Export materials list and quantities

The detailed bill of materials can be downloaded, exported, or integrated via API for use in quotes, estimates and shopping carts.

Autogenerate estimates

Accelerate your damage assessments and repair process even more with with automated integrations to estimation tools.


Review automated assessments

Hosta identifies all measurements, objects, conditions, damage and risks and makes these outputs available via API.

Export floor plans and CAD models

Hosta automatically creates floor plans and CAD models that can be sent to you via email or downloaded via API. Hosta can generate 3DMax, Revit, and ESX files.

Push data into your existing systems

Hosta’s configurable APIs make it easy to integrate Hosta’s output data and files with your existing workflows and applications.

Add Hosta A.I. super powers to your existing
property assessment workflow and applications


For contractors, home improvement platforms and furniture retailers that want to generate accurate quotes or designs without going on site.

For property insurers, appraisers and inspectors who need to understand risks and replacement values for a property – without sending someone on site.
For property insurers, contractors and maintenance teams who need to estimate damages without sending someone on site.

For Innovation Partner that require objective data about their customer’s built environment to inform decisions, purchases or plans.


Configurable APIs

We’ve made the full power of Hosta’s A.I. Engine available to IT teams and developers who want to add Hosta’s A.I. super powers to your existing applications and workflows.

Embed Hosta A.I. in your existing applications

Hosta’s autogenerated CAD models and floorplans jumpstart our design and estimation work. We’re thrilled with the technology.”

– David Hoffman, Build With Beam, CEO and co-founder

AI-powered room assessments

speed up your business



Turn-around times



Lower estimation costs



Spatial and structural


Start automating your property assessments


Is it possible to create a 3D model from photos?
It is possible to automatically create a 3D model from just a few photos of a room or space if you have an A.I.-powered picture to 3D model app solution like Hosta A.I.
Who needs a picture to 3D model app solution?

Anyone who needs to visualize and document a room or space within a residential or commercial property would use an app that can turn a few pictures into a 3D model. This includes contractors, architects, adjustors, assessors, inspectors and estimators that work in the built environment.

What can camera to 3D model app solutions do?
New solutions like Hosta A.I. allow your client to stay in one application, upload a couple of pictures either via a web application or your own app and automatically generate a 3D model of any room.
How can professionals use camera to 3D model apps?
Professional property inspectors, assessors, adjustors and
contractors can use new 3D model apps to get all the data and outputs they need from just a few pictures taken on any phone or camera. Think about it as the next generation laser measurement tool.