Improve turnaround times and accuracy without ever going on site

Whether you assess properties on behalf of a single client, or many companies, your clients depend on you for timely and accurate structural, damage and risk assessments. But you can’t even start your assessments and paperwork until you get inside each property, and scheduling a time that works with the owner can be difficult and lead to delays.

Once you get onsite it is a very detailed process to measure each space and itemize every object within it. You snap photos, sketch diagrams, and jot down lots of notes. Then once you’re back in your office, you have to type everything up, draw up the floor plans, create your BIM models, and itemize everything your client expects in the right format. This process is time-consuming and must be repeated if any data is missing or incorrect.

There are a handful of simple apps to measure the size of a room, but these hardly capture more than the length and width of the space and abstract openings. These apps can give you the basic room measurements but can’t capture all the detailed information and context that you really need. And many of these room measuring apps require special equipment like the latest iPhone or specialized LiDAR cameras. You need something easy, that’s also more powerful.

That’s why we built Hosta A.I. – to give contractors, adjustors, assessors, and inspectors an easy way to generate a full assessment of any room or space in minutes instead of hours – without ever sending someone onsite. With Hosta, you simply send the property owner a link to upload a few photos of the room and instantly get all the detailed room measurements, materials, and floor plans, your  client needs.

Automate property assessments with Hosta A.I.

Our configurable APIs make it easy to embed Hosta’s image analysis and autogenerated outputs directly into your existing contractor platforms, workflows and apps.

Simple and scalable solution

“Hosta’s automated room measurements are amazing. The ability to get detailed measurements, including linear square foot take-offs, from just a few photos without any special equipment accelerates our design and estimation process.

– David Hoffman, Build With Beam, CEO and co-founder

AI-powered room assessments

speed up your business



Turn-around times



Lower estimation costs



Spatial and structural


Hosta A.I. Assessment platform

Advanced room measurement app solutions

Hosta A.I. helps contractors, adjustors, inspectors and building managers instantly assess and get all the detailed room measurements and contextual relationships they need – without sending someone onsite.

Hosta Labs uses patent-pending A.I. spatial and material analysis to automate property assessments with just a few photos.


Easy-to-use APIs for the built environment

We make it easy to get the specific output data you need so your teams can quickly add automated assessment capabilities to your existing applications and workflows.

Start automating your property assessments


Are there apps to measure the size of a room?

There are new room measuring apps that can automatically
give you the detailed measurements and floor plans from just
a few photos of a room or space – from just a couple photos. differentiates as it can work off existing images and
so it can be seemlessly integrated into your workflow and

Who needs a room measuring app?

Anyone who needs to measure a room, get detailed room dimensions or create a floor plan would benefit from a room measuring app like Hosta AI that can instantly determine the detailed measurements from just a few photos. This includes
contractors, architects, adjustors, assessors, inspectors and estimators that need to get accurate room dimensions quickly

What can room measuring apps do?

New room measuring apps like Hosta AI let you use pictures – is device agnostic – other require a specific phone to proivde dimensions and floor plans of the room captured. Hosta provides 1,2, and 3 dimensional measurements.

How can professionals use room measuring apps?

As a DIY solution or for contractrors, assessors, inspectors,
architects and designers who want to capture a space with 1
to many photos to get dimensions and itemized materials
that enable decision making.