Embrace remote property assessments with just a few photos (and some really cool A.I.)

Hosta A.I. Assessment platform
The most advanced automated assessment solution for residential and commercial properties
Hosta A.I. uses patented A.I. spatial and material analysis to automate property assessments with just a few photos.
Simple Photo Capture
A.I. can assess a building and space from photos taken on any camera or mobile device – no app, special equipment, or photo quality required.
Automated Assessments
Instantly see detailed structural and spatial measurements, conditions and risks, floor plans, CAD and 3D models and even an itemized bill of materials with quality classifications and quantities of everything within the space- without even going onsite.
Configurable APIs
Embed our automated digital assessment capabilities into your existing mobile apps, website or assessment workflows.

Automates and accelerates all types of property assessments

Spatial Assessments

Get instant detailed measurements, materials, floor plans, and CAD models for any room

Damage Assessments

Understand the conditions of materials within a room and get a detailed list of all damaged materials and affected areas
Risk Assessments
Get insights into any risk factors within a room or house – from flammable materials to sprinkler volume ratio.
Configurable APIs
We’ve made the full power of Hosta’s A.I. Engine available to IT teams and developers who want to add Hosta’s A.I. super powers to your existing applications and workflows.
Embed Hosta A.I. in your existing applications

Fast and easy

We built Hosta to empower people with fast, accurate and trusted information about their built surroundings.
Built for scale
Our API-based solution is built for companies that need quick turnarounds on millions of residential and commercial interior assessments each year.
No apps or sensors
Our powerful AI can analyze any digital image of a room – taken from any digital camera. There’s no need for your customers to download any apps or use any special equipment.
Easy to get started
Our Developer Center has all the information IT teams and developers need to get started and our developer support team is standing by to help.

Add Hosta A.I. super powers to your existing
property assessment workflow and applications

For contractors, home improvement platforms and furniture retailers that want to generate accurate quotes or designs without going on site.
For property insurers, appraisers and inspectors who need to understand risks and replacement values for a property – without sending someone on site.
For property insurers, contractors and maintenance teams who need to estimate damages without sending someone on site.
For Innovation Partner that require objective data about their customer’s built environment to inform decisions, purchases or plans.

Hosta has taken property tech to the next level with A.I.-powered property inspections. Hosta’s solution is loved by developers for its technical elegance, and loved by finance for the bottom line impact it makes on your business

-Jonathan Fentzke, Former CSO and cofounder OmniEarth
Start automating your property assessments


What is property assessment software?
Property assessment software is used by contractors, assessors, adjustors and inspectors to quickly assess measurements, content, conditions, risks, or damages of a residential or commercial property.
What can property assessment software do?
Not all property assessment software solutions are created equal. Some require you to have special equipment like the most advanced iPhone or LiDAR equipment or a massive amount of images. Property assessment software should give you all the data and outputs you need
Who needs property assessment software?
Anyone who needs to assess the structure, objects, damage, risks or conditions of an existing residential or commercial property needs property assessment software. This includes contractors, assessors, adjustors, inspectors, facility manages, designers, architects and anyone else who needs accurate measurements, conditions and risks.
What should I look for in property assessment software?
Look for property assessment solutions like that don’t
require any special equipment and can give you detailed and accurate data about a room from just a few photos sent to you by a homeowner or client.