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We help everyone involved with assessing, improving and insuring properties with every type of property assessment

For every property-related industry

Building Maintenance
Contractor Platforms
Home Improvement Platforms
Mortgage Lenders
Hotel Maintenance

For all types of property assessments

Spatial Assessments

Get instant detailed measurements, materials, floor plans, and CAD models for any room

Damage Assessments

Understand the conditions of materials within a room and get a detailed list of all damaged materials and affected areas

Risk Assessments

Get insights into any risk factors within a room or house – from flammable materials to sprinkler volume ratio.

Remote assessments that are detailed technically, comprehensive and readily updated are a game changer. Hosta AI will save companies significant expenses, expand analytical data sets, and speed things up for customers.

– William Poutsiaka, Former Chief Investment Officer AIG

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