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Hosta is on a mission to empower people and businesses with fast, accessible and trusted information about their built surroundings. After working as an architect for 10 years, Hosta’s founder started her PhD in Computation and Design at MIT. Rachelle Villalon’s goal was to use A.I. to solve many of the challenges she experienced working in the built environment. And she succeeded. The result is the Hosta A.I. Assessment Platform which uses cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence technology to automate property assessments from just a few simple photos. Bringing on board her cofounder Henriette Fleischmann, Rachelle brought on B2B expertise from 12 years of working on strategy, restructuring, and process optimization in Fortune 100 companies. The Hosta team is now helping all industries that need fast and accurate data about the built environment accelerate their businesses with remote and automated property assessments.

Rachelle Villalon on site as an architect early in her career. Here she is testing the first building technology system she built to monitor feedback and safety during construction.

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Hosta has taken property tech to the next level with A.I.-powered property inspections. Hosta’s solution is loved by developers for its technical elegance, and loved by finance for the bottom line impact it makes on your business.

– Jonathan Fentzke, Former CSO and co-founder OmniEarth

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