Jump-start your adoption and use of AI-powered room assessments

We provide developer support and services to help companies add Hosta-powered automated assessments to your existing workflows and systems.

On-call Developer Support

Our team of developer support engineers are available to answer questions and guide IT teams and developers as they work to embed Hosta’s automated property assessments into your existing workstreams or systems.

Your team will be connected directly with the developer support engineers when you’re ready to get started.

Development Services

Our professional services team is available to augment your IT or development team and jump-start the integration of Hosta’s configurable APIs into you existing workstreams or systems.

Contact us to learn more about our development services.

Fast and easy

We built Hosta to empower people with fast, accurate and trusted information about their built surroundings.

Built for scale

Our API-based solution is built for companies that need quick turnarounds on millions of residential and commercial interior assessments each year.

No apps or sensors

Our powerful AI can analyze any digital image of a room – taken from any digital camera. There’s no need for your customers to download any apps or use any special equipment.

Easy to get started

Our Developer Center has all the information IT teams and developers need to get started and our developer support team is standing by to help.

Start automating your property assessments