Why Work at Hosta?

by | Nov 9, 2021

Why work at Hosta?

“If I had understood earlier what our culture and technical capabilities are, I would have made the decision even faster.”
Heetika Gada, Master of Computer Science from Columbia University and Computer Vision Engineer at Hosta.

“You know, the market gives you plenty of options to choose from right now, but when Hosta reached out, I knew they were onto something that would revolutionize image processing in the built environment.”
Andrew Khalin, 20 years of engineering experience in aerial and property image processing, now VP of Engineering at Hosta.

“The constellation of deep tech and strong market adoption is super compelling. Once I spoke to the founders and the team, I was convinced that this is the right team, right idea, and I want to be part of it.”, Lily Holland, former Director of Business Design and Strategy at Accenture, Head of Product at Hosta.

Hosta is a diverse, collaborative, bold, and innovative team made up of talented unique individuals. We all bring different perspectives, creativity, and strengths in developing the next generation of AI for enriching our built environments. Our teams work on cutting-edge computer science, neuroscience, and computer graphics and have strong partnerships with leading institutions in AI unlocking some of the most fascinating challenges in the built environment that solve our customers’ needs.

Our people are building the future and are creating something unique that has never been done before and we can only achieve that by collaborating closely with each other. We’re having fun building the future. Everyone of us knows their contribution, everyone is working on a huge topic that has a visible impact and you’re surrounded by passionate team members, driving Hosta to the next inflection point. With our recent raise we are growing the team with people who want to re-think property assessments, who want to drive change, and who are hungry to learn and grow. Join us!


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