Transforming the Property Assessment Process Through Artificial Intelligence

by | Apr 14, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on the claims adjusting process, transforming the way insurers handle claims and deliver prompt, accurate settlements to policyholders. The traditional claims adjusting process, which relies heavily on manual tasks and human intervention, can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors that lead to an inaccurate basis for settling your claims and potentially eroding profitability. AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing the industry by automating various aspects of the process, providing numerous benefits to both insurers and their customers. 

The property and casualty insurance industry looks to accurate property assessments to be successful and profitable, just as adjusters depend on reliable data to make correct decisions rapidly. The ability to efficiently and accurately review claims ultimately determines the success of the entire insurance delivery business model and efforts to modernize this approach should not be underestimated.

One of the primary ways AI is changing the claims adjusting process is by streamlining data collection and analysis. Advanced algorithms can rapidly process vast amounts of information, such as claimant details, policy information, and historical claims data, to identify patterns and trends that can inform the adjuster’s decision-making. This not only expedites the claims process but also minimizes the risk of human error, resulting in more accurate claims settlements for your current circumstance. 

There is now more data and solutions accessible to adjusters than ever to sift through a large amount of information and come up with a property assessment, though still an arduous process. However, the Hosta a.i. solution comes in as a leading differentiator amongst the noise. 

Evolving through AI

Modern insurance participants put AI technology to good use for their businesses to become more efficient and less bogged down by time-consuming tasks such as taking measurements, drawing sketches of floor plans, creating reports, and more. The implementation of AI — facilitated by companies like Hosta a.i., an MIT founded venture, results in significant changes for insurers and all stakeholders alike. 

With the introduction of Hosta’s patented advanced artificial intelligence system, property claims adjusters utilize increased levels of detail to assess your property more accurately and efficiently to help settle your claim. This not only reduces the likelihood of human error and workload for human adjusters, but also enables faster turnaround times for assessments and improves customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by automating the assessment process, AI can eliminate potential biases and provide a more objective assessment, ensuring a fair and transparent property market for all stakeholders. 

Although new and existing apps can offer basic measurements and object recognition for the residential property assessment process, the Hosta a.i. solution understands capturing accurate interior critical details about your residence. Without such a solution, onsite property assessments are typically expensive, creates delays, and prolongs the claims settlement process. 

Hosta a.i.’s novel and advanced computer vision capabilities are expediting changes in the residential insurance industry, making it easier for insurers and their clientele.  

Digital advancements have made consumers expect quick responses to their inquiries and needs. The expectations for faster service are why major insurance carriers choose to maximize AI’s features, such as advanced analytics. AI is the path to accelerate property assessments, enhance efficiency, and improve the customer experience.  Advances in artificial intelligence allows insurers to quickly deliver information to assess your property.

Hosta a.i.’s Solution

The Hosta a.i. solution can assist in accelerating the claims process without needing to be onsite. An alternative to the onsite property assessment process, you can take pictures of your space without an app or special device, and upload the pictures through a link. Hosta processes the images, and insurers can get the accurate measurements, floor plans, quantities, and other detailed property information to approve a claim quickly and reliably. Hosta a.i.’s property assessments for interior residential spaces enable insurers a competitive advantage over existing methods and solutions. 

In summary, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the property assessment process through automation, enhancing data capabilities, and enabling more efficient assessments. As AI technologies continue to advance, its impact on the insurance industry is set to increase, driving greater efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.


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