Building the Next Generation Property Tech Company

by | Nov 9, 2021

Building The Next-Generation Property Tech Company

A large part of working with the built environment is assessing your spatial surroundings several times a day. On a small scale, your brain might process most of the spaces automatically.

However, what happens when you need to scale?

As the size of your spatial surroundings increases, so does the complexity of information, becoming too large to capture. At this point, you either resort to assessing your space with a measuring tape and piece of paper with hours of searching for guidance on google, or hiring an expert. In any case, both of these options are time consuming, expensive, and subject to human error.

So even just answering basic questions such as:

  • Where do I position my router for a perfect Wifi signal?
  • How can I convert my studio into a home office and private space?
  • What will it cost me to remove the mold in my bathroom?

become extremely complex tasks.

Hosta’s CEO and Co-Founder, Rachelle Villalon, faced these kinds of questions every day as an architect. Although an expert in their field, Rachelle noticed they needed to assess and reassess spaces to have a contextual understanding of each room in order to get things right.

This times taking and inefficient process inspired Rachelle to found Hosta, a company that empowers people with fast, accessible, and trusted information about their built surroundings, from home projects to large scale built environments.


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