How Artificial Intelligence like Hosta a.i. ReThinks Property Assessment

by | Oct 9, 2021

How Artificial Intelligence like Hosta a.i. ReThinks Property Assessment

There are 155 million buildings in the U.S.And every one of these buildings rotates through a natural cycle of being sold, financed, insured, renovated or remodeled, rented out, and eventually repaired over time.

And every time a home needs to be financed, insured, remodeled or repaired, an expert needs to go onsite to assess the structure, collect all the detailed measurements, itemize the materials used within the house, and document the conditions and any risks within each space.

Measuring every wall, ceiling, floor, and objects within each room is a detailed and time-consuming process. And yet the most common methods to assess a space are laser measures or basic app and taking notes on a clipboard. Hence, rough estimates, transposing numbers or missing an important measurement happens more often then we’d all like.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

New computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies give experts like adjusters and inspectors the chance to save millions of dollars each year – and get more accurate data about each building quicker.

Instead of sending someone onsite to assess each room in person –you could use artificial intelligence to get all the data you need – without any specialized equipment or apps that need to be downloaded. For example – a homeowner could simply send you a few photos of their space

And using an A.I. solution like Hosta – you could instantly get the detailed measurements of the room and A.I. could instantly identify all of the materials and the quantity of each material used within the space

Artificial intelligence is now also capable of accurately identifying each object within the space –
including cabinets and appliances like the microwave, stove, vent, refrigerator and sink.

Going even further – A.I. can get enough data from these photos to automatically generate high fidelity floor plans and 3D models and with an API-based solution, you could use A.I. to automate property assessments for thousands of properties every day.

Clients simply upload their photos with a simple link, these images are instantly analyzed by Hosta.A.I., and Hosta sends you all the outputs you need to execute your underwriting and claim inspection quicker and more accurately.

Literally, every homeowner can become a facilitator to an inspector with

Our A.I. Assessment Platform has everything insurers need to automate assessments – without any special equipment or making your customers download a special app.

And our configurable APIs make it easy to embed Hosta’s AI automation into
your existing workflows and systems.

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