Growing Your Contractor Business With A.I. Automation

by | Sep 2, 2021

Grow Your Contractor Business with A.I. Automation

Currently, the contracting industry is encountering two major sources of friction that make it hard to grow profitably.

  1. Labor Shortages
  2. Before the pandemic, construction companies were already reporting difficulties in finding qualified contractors within the industry. With 48% of firms reporting that they’ve had to increasingly rely on subcontractors and staffing agencies, construction companies have been feeling the impact of the increasing cost of labor. During the pandemic, the construction industry shed over 2 million jobs during the economic downturn. The problem? Many of these workers retired or joined new careers.

  3. Productivity Issues
  4. According to a McKinsey Co. report, low productivity in the construction industry is costing companies almost $1.6 trillion in potential gains. With a lack of qualified workers, construction projects becoming increasingly more complex, and the lack of automation in the construction industry, many construction projects overrun their budget and time.

Lucky, Hosta A.I. can help.

By integrating Hosta into your property assessment process, you’ll be able to assess spaces in an efficient, accurate, and powerful manner. Our patented technology can help you reduce costs, increase the scalability of your projects, and produce full spatial, risk, and damage reports accurately and quickly – without having to send someone onsite for every inspection.

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